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January 29, 2010 / jadettman

Spontaneity and Scheduling II

The week before last I talked a little about my obsessive need to schedule my time and I had a little bit of revelation that I needed to consider. This is the follow-up about what my considerations have uncovered.

So, last time I came to the realization that, really, it’s only the time that I spend with other people (presumably my friends and family) that I obsessively plan and schedule. I spent some time thinking about it and my conclusions are these:

  • Actually, it appears that Britt and I have a nicely sized social circle. Granted, our current circle is smaller than what we had in Ithaca but we’ve been here in Wisconsin for a shorter time and our circle is likely to continue growing.
  • We, as a couple, have less flex time, i.e. less available non-working time to hang out. In Ithaca, Britt and I had a relatively congruent schedule so it was easier to schedule social time. This is less the case here in Beloit due to my fluctuating work schedule and Britt’s work/class load.

So, given these two points, it is hard for me to justify leaving potentially available social time unscheduled because, rather than leaving things up in the air and hoping that something will happen, I would much rather schedule something even if we have to cancel at the last minute.

So, I’m going to keep working on making interesting things happen on a regular schedule. That also means that if you want to do something with us, you should probably not contact me about doing it at the last minute. Just sayin’.


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