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February 10, 2010 / jadettman

The Meaning of Local

What does local mean to you?

By that I mean, really, what do you consider a local business? Does it have to be owned by someone local? Employ local people? Be located in your town?

What is your criteria?

Here’s the thing: I work at what is, essentially, a big box store. It is owned by a national corporation and that means that some, probably large, percentage of the money that we bring in is shipped off to another state. The money that isn’t, though, pays my salary and the salaries of all the other folks I work with. They give me health insurance, they pay local taxes, and they provide what I consider to be an important service to the community.

I consider where I work to be a local business. I consider pretty much all businesses that fit the above criteria, even the ones I don’t like, to be local businesses.

Other people are not so generous.

I talk to a lot of people where I work and I also get to see and hear about fun websites and online groups that seem to have a beef with my workplace. Many of the people I talk to don’t seem to consider my workplace to be a local business. So, when they choose, instead, to buy the same products that we offer from an online business, sending their money to some other state entirely, I just don’t get it.

Which is to say, I understand that they seem to be purely motivated by getting the cheapest possible price for what they want. However, when they then tell me that my employer is an evil corporation that is sucking the money out of our local economy I want to make them explain their crazy-person logic to me.

Seriously, how does sending your money to another state not make you ‘evil’ based on your own equation?

Bah. Internet rant over.


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  1. Timespike / Feb 10 2010 9:33 pm

    And this is why I’m so very glad that I no longer work in a capacity that has me interacting with customers on a regular basis.

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