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February 15, 2010 / jadettman

Lost Souls & Legendary Lives

Lost Souls and Legendary Lives are roleplaying games that were published in the 90s. I first encountered them in college when I ran them as part of my work for Gamicon (which I’ve discussed earlier). Apparently, they are sufficiently obscure that they do not even have listings on Wikipedia.

Lost Souls is a game in which you play a ghost. As I recall (and the webpage confirms), the idea was that you get sent back to Earth to do good deeds in an effort to earn Karma in the hope that you’ll be reborn as a higher being (whatever that means).

Legendary Lives, on the other hand, is a fairly straightforward fantasy game in the vein of D&D.

Both games use the same, mostly generic system. I recall it being adequate to the task but nothing really special. If you’re interested, though, the author has made these games (and a couple others too) available for free on his website.

[Edit: I remember now (aided by a quick look at the games) what I really liked about these rpgs. The system had the players roll for everything and the GM never touched any dice. The emphasis was on keeping the GM engaged with the narrative.]


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