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March 29, 2010 / jadettman

Three Days of Gaming

Most of my weekends really start on Thursday nights.

On Thursdays, I drive to Rockford to play board-games with a group of folks from the area. Mostly, we play a wide array of Euro games. Last week we played Agricola and Nottingham. We were down a few players but we still had a good time.

Fridays, we get together with a local group in South Beloit to play roleplaying games. For the last few months we’ve been playing Scion but we finished that series up last week. This coming week we’re going to start a game of Diaspora. I’m looking forward to the hard-ish SF roleplaying and, also, running a regular game again. I haven’t run a FATE-derived game before so I’m hoping it goes well.

Then, some weekends, we’re able to get together with friends in Rockford to play games. When the stars are right, we play our post-apocalyptic Spirit of the Century game. When the stars are aligned differently, we frequently play board-games. Sometimes we don’t game at all and instead get together with non-gaming friends.

This last weekend we played the post-apocalyptic game. Progress was made and, in a few weeks, hopefully we’ll be able to play again.

So, that’s what a typical weekend looks like for me, at least in terms of gaming. After the last few years without steady gaming it’s nice that our gaming schedule has gotten a little steadier.


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