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April 13, 2010 / jadettman

AQG: Second Session

Saturday, I ran the second session of the Amber Quarterly Game that I’m GMing for the Amber players of Greater Wisconsin. This involved getting up early-ish and drove to Kat’s house two hours away to get the game started around 10am, though many players trickled in over the course of the morning.

We did have three of the six players immediately (normally we have seven players but one couldn’t make it this weekend), and two shortly thereafter, so we jumped right in.

We picked up pretty much where we left off from the last session a few months ago. So far, the characters seem to be under the impression that Oberon wants to do them harm, the Redheads are involved in some kind of conspiracy, and there are a whole lot of questions that they don’t have the answers to.

This time around, they spent a good chunk of the session exploring and asking questions. They’ve also started to figure out just big the universe is.

Overall, it was a good session. I think that there was some good character development and some interesting interactions. Questions were answered but there were more to ask.

I’m looking forward to the next one but I’m not looking forward to the months we’ll have to wait until then.


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