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June 7, 2010 / jadettman

Wixercon 2010

This weekend we went to the first Wixercon of 2010. As usual, it was a good time.

This time around I ran games of Microscope and Lady Blackbird, both of which, in retrospect, were a bit unsuitable to the nature and setting of the convention. They both played out tolerably well, nonetheless.

Friday night, Britt and I played out a SF timeline of Microscope with Wayne. The concept was about a conflict between humanity and Aliens. Overall, it was pretty bloody but in the end there was peace.

Saturday night, I ran Lady Blackbird for David, Erik, and Kat. I’d never run Lady Blackbird before. Despite that, the game came together quite well. Lady Blackbird and her companions were able to handily escape their imperial captors and continue their search for the Pirate King, Uriah Flint. The Lady’s hopes were crushed in the end when she discovered that her former lover had taken others in her absence but despite that, she and her compatriots survived to continue their adventures in the future.

As for games played, I reprised my role as the Veteran in David’s League of Shadows game. Once again, we fought monsters set on Amber’s destruction. This time around we had Julian’s considerable assistance. Success was achieved at some cost but not so high that we weren’t rewarded well.

The other game I played in was David’s Shadow Wars game which is Star Wars/Amber mash-up game. I was a Jedi Knight and captain of the Compass Rose. We, a cadre of Jedi sent protect General Dalt from an assassination attempt, were led a merry chase. The chase was figurative, of course, as it mostly involved unraveling the mystery of crazy Amberite history and deciding what to do about once we had. For some reason, it’s actually amusing to play Shadow level characters interacting with Amberites, despite the power differences.

As I said, overall it was a very satisfying convention.


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