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September 16, 2010 / jadettman

D&D 4E: Sessions 1

A month ago, I ran the first session of my 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game. For the first session, I made some firm setup arrangements (some might call it railroading).

Gilbreight, warlord extraordinaire, and Eli “Red Weasel” Wenton, rogue spymaster, received official orders from the Marshal of the East to put together a strike team and make haste to the Orcish ruins of Nadehk Kaer. The new group was instructed, on reaching the Orcish ruins, to investigate the disappearance of the previous strike team who had been sent to the same place months before.

Word was sent forth to the other members chosen for the team and over the course of about a month they gathered together in the city of Blackbridge. Once together, they traveled by riverboat to Finvarin, the capital city of Naeborg. Finvarin is just across the river from Nadehk Kaer, so it was the perfect point to come to rest before heading into the ruins.

After crossing the river to the ruins, the group moved toward the highest point in the city planning to use it as a vantage point. Heading toward the large crumbling building, Weasel scouted ahead to check for trouble and thought he saw movement up on the building. From there they double timed it, discovering that the building they were running toward was an old colosseum. By the time they arrived the colosseum was deserted but they did discover that someone had been tidying up some of the rubble around the city. They also discovered a spy’s nest on the high point of the building.

After a bit of searching they also discovered an old temple that showed signs of recent habitation. They scouted around the building looking for a way in but eventually tried to bluff the folks inside instead.

The bluff didn’t actually work out as planned. The party was instructed to go wait in the building next door where they discovered a bunk space hidden beneath a trap door in the floor. Most of the group hung out in the bunk space pretending to be cultists while Weasel remained hidden nearby to watch for treachery. This was lucky, since the cultists on site planned to kill them.

So, when three cultists came out of the old temple herding two giant spiders Eli immediately warned the party and ran out to distract the cultists. This gambit drew two of the cultists away but not the third or his giant spiders. It did cause them a slight delay, however, which allowed the rest of the party to climb up where they could engage the enemy.

Of course, the fighting ensued and the party prevailed. Unfortunately, the party was sufficiently distracted by the giant, venomous spiders that two of the cultists escaped. The party did capture the third cultist, though.

After the fight, they found the cultist lair and their predecessors who, unfortunately, had been tortured and killed by the cultists. The party recovered the previous strike team’s equipment and chained their prisoner up for interrogation next session.



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  1. Dan / Oct 10 2010 3:12 pm

    What is it with you and spiders?

  2. J.A. Dettman / Oct 11 2010 8:47 am

    Well, one, spiders are awesome and, two, lots of people have a visceral dislike of them.

    As a GM, the easiest way to evoke a feeling of fear and dislike is to use something that people actually fear and dislike. : )

  3. Dan / Oct 14 2010 10:15 am

    I guess they weren’t mind-controlling spiders, at least. Or giant albino seven-legged ones.

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