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September 20, 2010 / jadettman

D&D 4E: Sessions 2

Last weekend, I ran the second session of my 4th Edition D&D game.

The party had just defeated a group of cultists who were holed up doing something in the ancient Orcish ruins of Nadehk Kaer. Two of the cultists had escaped but they had managed to capture one.

The group interrogated their prisoner learning that the cultists were in the old Orcish city looking for something. What exactly, he didn’t know. He did know that the leader of their expedition had returned West to acquire more workers after their group had been attacked by the first group of Alduin Guard (who were ultimately captured, precipitating the formation of the PC’s group). He also knew that he and his companions had been recruited from local cultist groups and had met up with the larger expedition in the city of Lessingford.

After getting this information, the group returned to Finvarin where they discovered that the escaped cultists had given their descriptions to the city guards with the claim that the party were road bandits. The group was handily able to evade this.

Once in town, they picked up information from the Alduin Guard’s spy network keeping them up to date on possible missions. They received these three leads:

Dragon Sighted North of Arrington: Citizens in the villages of Pines Spring and Lomansville claim to have seen a dragon in the area. The number of reports suggest this is not merely a rumor. Reports place the creature’s size at anywhere from twenty to fifty feet in length with a wingspan of fifty to one hundred feet.

Missing Farmers West of Lessingford: Citizens in the village of Miller’s Point have reported strange activity in the area after dark. At least one farm has been attacked and the occupants are missing.

Orcs Massing Near the Inlet Northeast of Barrisfort: The mayor of Barrisfort has requested aid from Finvarin in dealing with a large number of orcs massing near Barrisfort. The mayors scouts are claiming that the orcs number in the thousands already. He fears a new build-up for war.

While Eli was picking up the mail, Ava hit the streets to discover the whereabouts of the other two cultists. She learned that they had dropped a lot of money to hire mercenary bodyguards, bought horses, and left town in a hurry.

With all of this information in hand, the group chose to pursue the missing farmer situation, thinking that they might find further information about their cultists along the way. They arranged to take a boat South and they were on their way.

The boat trip was uneventful, there not being a lot of pirates on the river. One of the sharp-eyed members of the party spotted their missing cultists on the road just outside of Lessingford, though. Rather than force the captain of their boat to let them off immediately, they decided to make landfall as planned in Lessingford and see if they could pick up the cultist’s trail in the city.

Traveling by boat, the party made it to Lessingford before the cultists so they decided to go check out the situation in Miller’s Point. There they discovered that a second family had gone missing from their farm. Both of the families had owned farms outside of the the little town and both had been attacked, animals injured, buildings damaged, people gone.

The group made plans and encouraged the remaining farmers in the area of the attack to retreat to town until the situation could be dealt with. Then the party returned to Lessingford to deal with the cultists.

They tracked the cultists to an inn in Lessingford and set up surveillance. When Ogren (oh, yeah: the group had learned the names of the escaped cultists from the one they captured) left the inn, the majority of the party trailed him to a back door of a haberdasher. So, while Shannon stayed behind in the inn to try to convince some of Ogren’s henchmen to bail on him and, eventually, seduce a halfling, the rest of the group broke into the haberdashery and started a fight with a small meeting of cultists.

Thinking ahead, of course, Ava sent her pet falcon, Sir Nips A Lot, to fetch Shannon and gain his assistance with the fight. This succeeded, drawing Shannon away from his halfling lover.

In the end, the party prevailed over the cultists but not before one of them escaped. Luckily, they captured Ogren during the brawl and were able to later question him.

From Ogren, the party learned that the cultist expedition to Nadehk Kaer had been organized by a Halivorian merchant named Dorn. Said merchant had returned to Halivora, Ogren posited, with the remains of his entourage to gather more workers to continue their work in the Orcish ruins. Ogren also confirmed that the cultists were looking for some kind of cache of captured weapons in Nadehk Kaer, though he wasn’t privy to exactly what it was the cultists were looking for or what it was supposed to do.

Having gotten what they could from him, the party executed Ogren for his crimes, stole the horses that Ogren had purchased for himself and his companions, and began to make preparations to deal with the situation in Miller’s Point.



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  1. Britt / Sep 20 2010 1:05 pm

    “Stole” is such a harsh word.


  2. Dan / Oct 10 2010 3:43 pm

    Seized. Confiscated. Those are the words you’re looking for 🙂

  3. Britt / Oct 12 2010 8:16 pm


    ‘Cause, it was… appropriate.

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