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September 28, 2010 / jadettman

D&D 4E: Sessions 3

So, I ran another episode of my D&D game on Sunday. Sadly, one of the players was sick and she didn’t feel up to playing, so the party was down one player, which meant I ended up playing the Warlock.

Last session, the group had set themselves up to face what they had deduced was a group of zombies. They had convinced the local townsfolk to gather together in the town where they would be safer and then they took over one of the farms left behind, one which looked like it was in the correct attack path to be the next place hit.

I started out this session with the battle map of the farm they had chosen set up and gave the group the option to modify things to their advantage, suggesting things like setting up an old log as a trap that could be rolled down onto the enemy or digging a hole to make the terrain work better in their favor. The party seemed to like the log idea so that set that up at the top of the steep hill that the farmhouse was built on. They also soaked a region of grass with oil so that they could create a barrier that the zombies would avoid. Then it was down to the waiting.

The party had also acquired some ranged weapons for the paladin and the warlord who typically didn’t use such things. Their basic plan was to let the zombies move in and pick them off as they approached the farmhouse. Then, once the group got close, they would engage them in melee. Yeah, things didn’t exactly go to plan.

As night fell the zombies approached from the nearby woods. At first, the zombies moved toward the farmhouse as expected. When the party started picking off zombies from a distance, though, something odd happened: the zombies slowed their advance and then began to retreat. There seemed to be some kind of intelligence directing the zombies!

The party debated their options. They certainly didn’t want to go into the woods at night to fight the zombies. That sounded like a real disaster waiting to happen. While they were figuring out their new plan, though, the course of events made the decision for them. Two of the keen eared members of the group heard screaming in the distance. Clearly, someone else was being attacked by the zombies!

Who that someone else might be was quickly resolved when a wagon came into sight barreling down the road that passed by the farm. The wagon was nearly out of control and as it approached the farm the party saw one of its wheels break loose and send it grinding to a halt. A merchant, his two children, and their dwarven bodyguard made their way out of the wreck. Shaken, the civilians began running toward farmhouse screaming for someone, anyone to help them. The zombies were not far behind them.

Shannon, the party’s wizard, reacted immediately to children in danger and ran into the fray. Even with the the incredible range on his powers, Shannon still need to get closer to affect the zombies. Fearing for Shannon’s health, Eli (the rogue) quickly followed the wizard into the fight.

Unfortunately, the dwarven bodyguard tried to slow the zombie advance to give his employer a fighting chance but he was quickly overwhelmed and fell beneath the undead horde, only to rise on the following round as a zombie himself.

Shannon and Eli did all that they could while the rest of the party worked to catch up to them but, despite their efforts, the civilians were swarmed by the zombies and quickly joined their numbers. By the time the rest of the party was able to get down off the roof of the farmhouse and wade into the battle, Eli and Shannon were surrounded by the walking dead. Shannon’s wizard powers were capable enough to keep many of the zombies at bay. He had a large number of AOE powers that destroyed the undead left and right. Once the party was fully engaged, they really really tore through the zombies but it took them a little while to pinpoint the master zombie, the one zombie that was apparently relatively intelligent and was directing the others. Once they did that they were able to take it out and mop things up.

Sadly, the zombie master’s last orders to his zombies were to attack Shannon and take him down. Even after the ZM was destroyed, the zombies continued to carry out their last orders and, in the end, they succeeded in killing Shannon.

They party grieved but had a mission to complete. They tracked the source of the zombies and discovered an Earth Wound in the forest. They destroyed it.

Returning to Lessingford afterward, the party got a new quest and Gilbreight was ordered to report ot the Eastern Watchtower (to cover for Britt’s absence next session while she’s away at a conference).



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  1. Dan / Oct 14 2010 10:17 am

    So is Shannon going to be raised, or does someone need to roll (yes, I know people don’t roll stats anymore, but you know what I mean) up a new character?

  2. J.A. Dettman / Oct 15 2010 8:11 am

    Alicia, Shannon’s player, opted to make a new character. Which is fine with me because I don’t really want Raise Dead in my D&D world. It will probably happen sometime but I’d like to avoid it as long as possible.

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