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October 20, 2010 / jadettman

D&D 4E: Sessions 4

I ran the fourth session of my 4E D&D game about three weeks ago. Britt was out of town for a science conference, so I only had four players but I think that worked out okay.

Gilbreight, Britt’s Warlord, had received orders from his higher ups to appear for a meeting at the Western Watchtower so at the end of last session he set out for that trip leaving the rest of the party in Lessingford.

This session we picked up with the rest of the party in Lessingford and Gideon, Alicia’s new character (and Gilbreight’s nephew), just arriving in town. Coming through the gates, Gideon noticed a Alduin Guard mark on the walls. The mark indicated that there was an emergency message for any Guards in the area. Gideon picked up the mail and headed to the nearest local safe house. There, Gideon ran into the rest of the party and introduced himself. They hit it off.

The message Gideon brought the group, though, was that the King’s Guard were in town, had captured a member of the Alduin Guard on the outskirts of Lessingford, and were hunting for any other Alduin Guards in the area. Immediately, the party smelled a trap but they felt that they had to look into the situation anyway. Leave no Guard behind and all that.

Immediately, the group made plans to split up. The plan was to get one or two members of the party into the city’s jail to ferret out the identity of the captured Alduin Guard and to, perhaps, see how difficult it would be to break them out. To put this into effect, Ava, the Warlock, and Eli, the Rogue, got a few drinks and then got into a bar fight. The City Guards broke the fight up and, “inconveniently”, Ava and Eli didn’t have enough money on them to pay the fines, so they were thrown in jail. They spent some time hanging out with the drunks, thugs, and hooligans, trying to learn what they could about the Alduin Guard prisoner.

Meanwhile, Gideon decided to see what he could learn by crashing a party at the Mayoral Mansion. For some reason, it was quite easy for Gideon to get inside the Mansion. The guards let him by dressed in his military-esque finery and then the guy with the guest list at the door asked him if he was with the Guard. He said that he was and the doorman let him right in. Then, of course, he learned WHY it was so easy to get into the party. He walked in the door and found a room full of the King’s Guard in dress regalia schmoozing with the Mayor and the City Council. Gideon stayed for a little while, mixing with the upper crust and their guests but, in the end, he made a quick exit without learning much.

While Gideon was busy with party crashing, Ris, the Paladin, visited the local bar where the City Guard spent most of their off duty time. She asked about her “sister” and “cousin” who had gone out for a drink but hadn’t returned home and was informed that some of the constables had seen them thrown in jail. Then, inquiring about the news that the whole city was talking about, she asked what they could tell her about the Alduin Guard they had as a prisoner. The constables were amazingly forthcoming. So much so that Ris got quite suspicious. Then an older looking constable interrupted her chat to get the other constables moving along and made some cryptic remarks to Ris while also making what appeared to be some Alduin Guard hand signals. He seem to be indicating that there was something more going on about town what things looked like on the surface.

Back at the jail, Ava and Eli used their powers to get out of their cells and began to do a recon of the building. They made their way down into the areas where the solitary confinement cells were, scoping out the situation. The situation seemed a little off kilter but they decided to move ahead despite that. They grabbed one of the guards on duty and knocked him out. They were in the process of bluffing his partner when the King’s Guard sprang their trap and moved to capture them. Taking this as a bad idea, they quickly retreated down to the tunnel between the jail and the city’s courthouse building. There they narrowly avoided capture by Glorian, the captain of the King’s Guard, and made their way over to the deserted courthouse. Once in the courthouse, Ava and Eli made their way up onto the roof and called for Sir Nips-A-Lot who was quickly dispatched to find their friends.

Sir Nips-A-Lot found Ris first and she made her way to the courthouse where she discovered that a crowd had gathered to watch the King’s Guard as they attempted to break into the courthouse building. The crowd didn’t seem too happy with that and Ris began putting some ideas into their collective heads, quietly.

Gideon took a little longer for Sir Nips-A-Lot to locate but eventually made his way to the courthouse also. By this time, the crowd had grown somewhat and the tension in the air was palpable. After some consideration, Gideon loosed a crossbow bolt at one of the King’s Guard and helped to set off quite a riot.

In all the fighting and confusion, Ava and Eli made their way down off the courthouse roof and back to their safe house. Eventually, Ris and Gideon followed suit. Reunited, the party got their horses and belongs together and left town in a hurry.

From there they began their trip North to Arrington. On the way, they ran into a Goblin raiding party. Though the fight had some rough patches, our heroes were successful in the end.


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