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October 25, 2010 / jadettman

D&D 4E: Sessions 5

Yesterday, I ran D&D. The party was traveling north to deal with a dragon that was harassing towns near Arrington. Well, most of the party because Gilbreight had split off to have a secret meeting with the Warden of the East (because Britt was off to a science conference).

Gilbreight rejoined the party a few days south of Arrington and together they proceeded north. When they reached the city, Arrington’s gates were closed and the guards were none to friendly. Even when they told the guards that they were there to help with the dragon they didn’t get much respect. Apparently, several folks had come through saying that they would take care of the dragon and none of them had returned so it wasn’t surprising that the folk of Arrington didn’t have high hopes.

Eventually, though, the guards did let the party in. Beyond the gates, our heroes discovered that Arrington was already swamped with refugees from nearby communities. The streets and alleys were crowded with the people, more folk than the city had been build to hold comfortably, and there were refugees sleeping in the streets and alleys.

The party made their way to City Hall and, because they had kindly provided a courier from Arrington with a fresh mount on their way to the city, some of their group were allowed in to meet with members of the City Council. The elven Council Member that they met with wasn’t impressed when they told her that they were there to slay the dragon either and she warned them against trying while also admitting that she couldn’t stop them if they wanted to proceed. She did pay them handsomely for their assistance to the courier, though, so the trip wasn’t a loss.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party tried to get information from the rabble outside and hire trackers to help them find the dragon. The information they received was, as you might suspect, varied and inconsistent. The dragon was between fifty and one hundred fifty feet long, breathed fire, and ate houses, livestock, apple carts. Our heroes had more success hiring trackers. They found two farm boys, brothers Luke and Emmett, to lead them into the northern wilderness. The brothers were originally from the, now destroyed, town of Pine Springs and were familiar with the area. Trackers acquired, the party set forth.

They camped a few hours north of Arrington, planning to arrive in the burnt out town of Pine Springs the next day. That evening, while on watch, Gilbreight felt the dragon fly overhead toward Arrington. After waking up the rest of the party, they decided to try to follow it back to its lair after it finished its business in Arrington (figuring that by the time they returned to Arrington to render assistance the dragon would have already left). When the dragon returned, heading north, they loaned Luke one of their spare horses and, riding light, he raced after the dragon. While he was gone the party got what rest they could.

Near dawn, Luke returned with the news that he had lost sight of the dragon north of Pine Springs. Once everyone woke up, they continued north, reaching Pine Springs by mid-afternoon.

Pine springs was in ruins and there wasn’t much to see but the remains of the folk that the dragon had torn apart during its rampage. The party moved on quickly.

At which point, our heroes started to question their trackers about possible dragon lairs, caves in the hills and that sort of thing. This questioning somehow brought up an archaeological dig that a group of dragonborn were working on the year before. Our heroes decided to check it out.

At the dig site, they discovered a group of dragonborn and the dragon in the middle of some kind of ritual. One dragonborn in the middle of the group was drinking some kind of potion while the others (sans the dragon) chanted something appropriately gung-ho. Our heroes decided to attack while they were distracted.

In the ensuing fight, our heroes were triumphant but it was a pretty close call. The party was on the ropes but they turned the tide of battle just in time and triumphed over their dragonborn opponents. (The dragon, after take quite a bit of damage, decided to flee rather than chance being killed.)

After the fight, the party interrogated the last surviving dragonborn and learned that the leader of the group had uncovered an ancient formula by which dragonborn could become dragons. Unfortunately, parts of the formula were missing but that, apparently, hadn’t stopped Arjahn (the dragonborn leader) from experimenting anyway.

Weary, our heroes decided to rest and recover a bit before pursuing the dragon to its lair.



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  1. Judd / Oct 25 2010 10:52 pm

    It reads like a whole lot of traveling, Jason. Were there any die rolls? How much real time of gaming does this represent?

  2. J.A. Dettman / Oct 26 2010 8:16 pm

    Actually, there were quite a few die rolls, Judd. We played for about 4.5 hours. Why do you ask?

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