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October 26, 2010 / jadettman

Rock-Con 2010

Last weekend, I attended Rock-Con 2010, though I only went on Friday and Saturday this year. (Sunday I ran D&D which seemed like a reasonable trade-off to me.)

I spent the majority of my time Friday and Saturday playing board games. In between I wandered through the dealer’s room or checked out the auction. Neither really held much in the way of excitement, though I did bid on a few things in the auction, none of which I won.

Friday I played Colosseum and Power Grid Factory Manager. I’d played both games before but I was teaching them to folks who hadn’t.

Saturday, I played Egizia, Le Havre, Notre Dame, and Stone Age. Of that set, Le Havre was the only one I’d played before. Egizia and Stone Age were both worker placement games and I think I preferred Egizia for no other reason than Stone Age used die to determine how many resources you were able to acquire each turn.

All of the games were fun, so I’m not really complaining so much as comparing. All in all it was a good weekend.


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