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January 10, 2011 / jadettman

Prius Acquired

Saturday we drove up to Janesville and traded in our Altima for a used 2008 Prius. I believe the color is called Carbon Grey or Graphite Grey. It was that or red, so we went with the grey.

This is probably the most heavily researched car purchase that we’ve ever made. Granted, we’ve only ever purchased one other car (the Altima) and that was ten years ago. I’ve been kind of obsessing about getting a Prius for years, though, so that is where all the research happened.

Then with the Altima, as now, we were buying a car out of necessity. Our current vehicle was old and kind of in bad shape so we need to get something new to replace it. What I’m say is: we aren’t people that buy cars on a whim or need to get a new car every few years. We’re the kind of people who buy a car and drive it until it starts to fall apart on us.

Anyway, our new Prius is pretty awesome. We drove it to Dubuque Saturday after we bought it and then back home again on Sunday. We’re still working out what all of the features and buttons do on the car but I’m sure that we’ll figure things out over the next week or so.

I’ll post pictures soon.



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  1. Britt / Jan 10 2011 4:41 pm

    Apparently, it is “Magnetic Gray.”

    It’d be a problem if it were literally magnetic, though.

  2. dani / Jan 11 2011 11:58 am

    in fact, parts of it aren’t even metal enough to affected by magnets… we had to put our magnetic bumper stickers on the rear quarter panels… sigh.

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