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January 11, 2011 / jadettman

The Hunger Games

A friend of mine (Hi, Alicia!) has been pestering me to read The Hunger Games since it came out about three years ago. So, last week she loaned me all three books in the series. I just finished the first book last night.

It was interesting. I don’t usually read Young Adult books. This one is about a dystopian future in which children are forced to compete in a Survivor-esque reality show duel to the death.

The main character of the book is, of course, forced to participate in the Games. The Games are bloody, unpleasant, and very deadly. The protagonist is extremely competent, doesn’t realize it, and is also oblivious to her own ability to attract boys.

The funny thing to me is that The Hunger Games is a love story but that doesn’t surprise me much. YA books often seem to focus on that type of story.

The book was good. I’ll almost certainly read the second book but not until I’ve finished the book I’ve got on deck from the public library.


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  1. Britt / Jan 12 2011 12:11 pm

    I have always hated the obligatory romantic sub-plot in YA novels (including sci fi juvies)—originally because, I was like, 10, and too young to be interested in mushy stuff, then later because the only female character who was described in any detail inevitably turned out to be the Love Interest.

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