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January 17, 2011 / jadettman

Filling in the Gap

So, it’s been a while since I’ve been to a gaming forum. About a month or so ago, I decided that it was not time well spent. Most of the information being thrown around on the two forums I was visiting, RPGnet and Story Games, just wasn’t doing much for me.

On RPGnet, it seemed like everyone is always asking the same questions. They want you to tell them why they should buy some game or other. From the lurker’s point of view, the answer always seemed to me to buy it because they clearly wanted it but were looking for an excuse not to. Oh, there were also the occasional advice threads or conversations about some new, or new version of a, game. Generally, I would poke my nose into the new game threads but I don’t really need more RPGs. The advice threads I rarely found to be useful.

Story Games has a lot of similar threads but, even though the place is pretty laid back, I always felt like there was a clique-ish vibe there and, being a perpetual lurker, it never really felt like a comfortable fit for me. Also, I’ve yet to really be satisfied with playing any of the so-called “story games” which made it seem a little silly to keep pursuing them as entertainment options.

Anyway, my original plan had just been to give the forums a rest for a few weeks back in November. I figured that there would be plenty to do in December without keeping track of the forums. Then around the first of the year I turned that in to more of a resolution. I wasn’t really missing the forums much at the time so it seemed like a good idea.

However, that coupled with the paring down of my RSS feeds has really lead to a low tide of internet information coming in. Most of the time that isn’t a big deal but this weekend was a little slow (which, don’t get me wrong, was a nice change of pace from the tail end of our holiday season) and I found myself sorely tempted to go back to the forums. I didn’t though, so the temptation will remain.

Now I just need to figure out something better to do when the temptation hits. Like read a book, maybe.


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