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January 18, 2011 / jadettman

Consequences of the Past

So, I run this D&D game every other week. For want of a better title, I’ve been calling it the Alduin Guards game.

The PCs are all members of the Alduin Guard, see, and there job is to travel around the kingdom, fight monsters, and keep the people safe. They are supposed to be the best of the best. Elite fighters trained to deal with the nastiness of the world.

The world has a lot of nastiness.

A thousand years ago the world was attacked by the Enemy. At the time, all of the PC races were living up in the arctic circle of the planet in a beautiful little preserve created by their gods, who also happened to live there with their “children” in their fabulous god-city.

So, right, the Enemy came looking for the gods to put the hurt on them. The Enemy bombarded the planet with some kind of evil crap that burrowed into the world and created something that are now commonly known as Earth Wounds. These Earth Wounds seep this disgusting black-green pus like substance that can turn normal plants and animals into monsters, reanimate the dead, and cause hideous mutations to any intelligent being that comes into contact with it. Basically, Earth Wounds ensure that there is a never ending supply of monsters for the PCs to fight.

Let’s return to the fabulous god-city for moment. So, a thousand year ago (or so) the Enemy shows up to put the beat down on the gods. This results in a big war which, mostly, ends when the gods decide to abandon planet for the good of their “children.” The logic being that since the Enemy is after them, the Enemy will leave in pursuit if they leave.

For the most part, this is true or seems to be from the stories that have been passed down from that time. Except that, lately the party has been running into some pretty high powered baddies, at least one of whom is claiming to have a direct connection to the Enemy. The PCs have also had to deal with some crazy cultists who seem to have a serious interest in collecting artifacts left over from the big war.

In other words, the game is very much about the PCs dealing with the legacy of the big war a thousand years ago. Oh, there are some more recent political issues that they are dealing with too: The youngest son of the last king usurped the throne a few years back and has torn the kingdom asunder, since none of his siblings really agreed with the decision much. That has caused some political repercussions for the party and the Alduin Guard as a whole.

Really, though, most of the game is about all of this stuff left over from the war.


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  1. Britt / Jan 18 2011 5:15 pm

    Correction: apparently, the game is now all about a love affair I didn’t know that my character had before the game started.

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