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January 19, 2011 / jadettman

Release Party

My friend and co-worker, Maddie’s first book officially went on sale yesterday. The title of the book is Allison Hewitt is Trapped and if you were to click on any one of those links and buy a copy I’m sure Maddie wouldn’t mind at all.

The book is about people struggling to survive a zombie outbreak. Just as a fair warning, I just started reading the book today so I don’t know any details yet but I know Maddie and I want her to succeed so, again, I encourage you to go buy a copy. Oh, also, I apparently appear as a character in the book though it is, of course, under a different name. I’ll let you figure out which character that is.

If you don’t feel like buying a copy of the book, or can’t afford one at the moment, may I politely suggest requesting that your local public library buy a copy. I love public libraries.

Alright, I think that is enough poking for one day.

Last night, though, I went to the release party for Maddie’s book. It was a small, pleasant gathering at the authors apartment where I spent most of the time hanging out with a co-worker and the rest of my Sunday gaming group (of which Maddie is a part) and being social. It was quite pleasant.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting. a few dramatic readings of passages from the book, maybe, or other zombie filled shenanigans. None of that happened. It was just a group of friends getting together to celebrate the success of one of its members.  It was nice.



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  1. Ben / Jan 19 2011 11:13 am

    Kindle version more than the paperback. I want to know the name of the printer/bindery Macmillan is using that pays THEM to create a book!

  2. J.A. Dettman / Jan 20 2011 8:25 am

    Don’t mistake the Amazon price of the book for the real price, Ben. ; )

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