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January 20, 2011 / jadettman

Origins or Ithaca

Britt and I have been going to the Origins Game Fair for several years. In particular, since we moved to Wisconsin, we’ve made it a point to go to Origins because many of our friends from Ithaca would go as a group and we would get to play games and hang out with our friends from Ithaca. Unfortunately, many of the Ithaca folks that used to go to Origins have stopped coming for one reason or another. Despite that, we still enjoy going, playing games, and seeing the folks who do make it.

Recently, we’ve been considering skipping Origins for a year and going to visit Ithaca instead. That way we’d get to see our old friends and, more than likely, we’d get to play some games too since most of our old friends are also gamers. We’ve been waffling on this decision for a little while but something came up recently that made us consider the Ithaca trip a bit harder:

Britt got an email from the DPS the other day about a Rings Conference to be held in Ithaca this year.

Now, Britt is going to go to the conference. That is not in dispute. Since it is in Ithaca, I will be tagging along. These things are not in dispute. The question has now become: How long are we staying?

If we go to Origins, then our summer vacation budget will be used on that and we won’t have much left over to spend more than a few extra days, if any, in Ithaca. If we don’t go to Origins, then we’ll have our whole vacation budget to blow on our visit to Ithaca which could mean that we get to hang around longer.

It is hard to decide, really. A line from The Closer occurs to me while I write this: “People who come to visit are like dead fish. After a few days, you’ve got to throw them out or they start to smell.”

That is actually a pretty horrible paraphrase, but I think you get the idea. When we visited Ithaca a couple years back, I felt like we’d very nearly overstayed our welcome.

Anyway, that is the current dilemma. I’m sure you’ll hear about the solution later.



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  1. Ben / Jan 20 2011 11:08 am

    You’ll be welcome as long as you don’t smell like dead fish.

  2. Britt / Jan 22 2011 8:09 pm

    “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” —Benjamin Franklin

    On the subject of Originating or not, I shall remain silent.

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