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January 24, 2011 / jadettman

Changing the (D&D) World

Yesterday, I ran a pretty free-form session of my D&D game. Momentous events were afoot and I feel like we’re heading into new territory for the game.

The group decided last session that it was high time that Hugh Ironhand, the leader of the Alduin Guard, was freed from his tower jail in the capitol city of Pelaeis (Pel-lay-us). He’d been incarcerated for the last nine years or so by King Brendan after Brendan usurped his father’s throne and threw the kingdom into turmoil.

This was also the session that Maddie decided it was time to stab the party in the back show her character, Ava’s, true colors. Several sessions back the party had rescued a dangerous artifact, the Helm of the Enemy general, from a cultist who had stolen it from an Alduin Guard secure vault. Afterward, Ava had volunteered to put the Helm on to see what it did and that is when she began to be corrupted. Her mind and the mind of the General became connected and, though Ava’s warlock patron stars tried to protect her, their two personalities began to bleed into each other.

So, in the middle of the battle to rescue some royal hostages from the King’s Companions, Ava finally gave into the corruption that had overtaken her and attacked the party. Unfortunately, the dice were against her and, after a few unpleasant rounds of combat, she made her escape. The rest of the party either decided that it was more important to save the hostages or they felt the narrative urge to allow the now villainous Ava escape to fight another day. Regardless of the reason, they let her escape.

Altogether, it was quite the momentous day. Our heroes changed the political landscape of their world in one fell swoop and the coming months are going to be quite interesting as a result.


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