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January 26, 2011 / jadettman

Books, Books

I have finally covered the majority of my office walls in bookshelves. I would post pictures but my office is still messy and probably will be for some time.

Over the Christmas break I ordered three of the Expedit bookshelves from Ikea. When put together they are one big square with little squares inside to hold the books. I like how they look and I’ve heard good reviews about how they hold up over the long term.

What I really wanted to avoid is the “saggy shelf syndrome” that always seems inevitable with the crappy shelves that you get for a pittance at your discount retailer of choice. We’ve still got three surviving saggy shelves from our time in Ithaca and, if I could bring myself to discard something that was still functional, I would throw them away in favor of something nicer.

Anyway, before the advent of the new shelves most of our books were shelved two deep on three of the saggy shelves. It made it difficult to know what we had let alone shelve anything new that we might purchase. Now, that has been remedied and it is rather nice to have all my books shelved only one deep and be able to look at our collection.


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