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January 28, 2011 / jadettman

In the Future . . .

What I really want now is doors on my house that recognize me and let me in without letting in other people without my permission. I just want to be able to walk up to my door and walk into my house. This could be accomplished by a key dongle in my pocket or biometrics. I don’t really care how it works, so long as I can have it.

This comes from owning the Prius for going on three weeks now.

In addition to the option above, I would like to be able to monitor the flow of energy in my house in real time. A computer screen would show an outline or floorplan of my house with little flow lines indicating where energy was currently being used. I could then toggle over to a usage bar graph that would show how much energy we were currently using and what our energy usage had been over a period of time.

I think that these two items are perfectly achievable given current technology. I don’t know how much they would cost me but wanting something isn’t about economics so much.


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  1. Britt / Jan 29 2011 9:29 pm

    And I want to be able to sneak up silently on my husband…

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