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February 3, 2011 / jadettman

Monsters, monsters

Yesterday I talked about the Alduin Guard and heroes. Today, I talk about the monsters.

Clearly, the Alduin Guard are the bad-ass heroes of this D&D world. Why, you may ask, does the world need an organized group of bad-ass heroes?

Well, more than a thousand years ago, the Enemy came. The Enemy is this big amorphous group of evil inter-dimensional villains. Think Cthulhu meets the Borg mixed with a healthy dose of Amber’s Courts of Chaos. These guys have a lot of power and they don’t think the same way that people do. In fact, they pretty much think of people as ants. Annoying little bitey ants.

The Enemy didn’t come to the world to destroy the ants. Nope, they came to destroy the gods. A thousand years ago, all of the PC races lived in a vast city in the Arctic with their gods. The gods had brought them to the world hundreds of years before and they were just hanging out there doing god stuff.

So, anyway, the gods were noticed by the Enemy. No one is sure how but it almost certainly involves god stuff. The stories aren’t entirely clear on that. The Enemy shows up and, the first thing they do, they bombard the world with black, evil seeds. These seeds burrow into the world and create Earth Wounds, which foul the water and cause all sorts of trouble. Trouble like mutating animals, plants, and people into horrible monsters. Trouble like reanimating the dead. You get the picture.

A thousand years ago, an incomprehensibly powerful group of inter-dimensional alien gods seeded the world with evil and destruction. That is why the world needs an organized group of bad-ass heroes.


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