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February 7, 2011 / jadettman


The most important thing that I can do as a GM is make sure that the players have interesting choices to make. In a D&D game, I feel like this is harder to engineer, but it needs to be done, nonetheless.

In the last two sessions of of our D&D game, the players have made some important choices that are going to have some big repercussions. First, they decided that it was high time for them to free Hugh Ironhand, the Commander of the Alduin Guard, and, second, they chose not to kill both Glorian Ironhand and Ava, their corrupted former comrade.

Freeing Hugh was something that I was expecting the party to do eventually, I just didn’t know when. I was thinking that they would be closer to 10th level when they made the attempt, but no, it was 5th. They decided that the Alduin Guard needed Hugh’s direction and leadership.

Hugh was imprisoned by the young usurper King when he took the throne, you see. Brendan, said usurper, grabbed the throne when his father fell ill and he felt that Hugh Ironhand, and by extension the Alduin Guard, would oppose this move. So, of course, Brendan had Hugh arrested.

Unfortunately, for Brendan, the way events fell out Glorian Ironhand was one of his early supporters. It is not 100% clear her reason for doing so but it did make killing Hugh, Glorian’s father, a difficult proposition. So, Hugh ends up imprisoned and Glorian becomes the leader of the King’s Guard, a sort of Alduin Guard wannabe organization. At the same time, the Alduin Guards were all declared to be outlaws and it became Glorian’s job, as a former Alduin Guard, to hunt down her former compatriots.

So, now, nine years after Brendan usurps the throne his nightmare comes true and the Alduin Guard rise up to make trouble for him. I like the classic symmetry there.

This post has already gotten long enough. Maybe I’ll hit you with part two tomorrow or later in the week.


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  1. Britt / Feb 7 2011 1:10 pm

    Do. Not. Eff. With. The. Alduin. Guard. We. Will. Eff. You. Up.

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