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February 8, 2011 / jadettman

Choices 2

Following on from yesterday, a couple of the important choices that the party has made recently were to not kill their former comrade, Ava, and to also allow Glorian Ironhand to live.

Here is a little more backstory about Ava, since you heard about Glorian yesterday:

Ava was the party’s resident Half-elf Warlock. She drank and had a penchant for the sailors. In a fight she provided artillery support. Six months ago or so, game world time, a minor recurring character known only as The Halfling tried to steal an ancient artifact from the secure vaults of the Alduin Guard. The artifact was the Helm of the Enemy General and the party put a stop to that plan.

To find out what the Helm did, Ava put it on. The Helm corrupted her and merged her personality with that of the General. I think I’ve mentioned this before.

Last week, Ava turned on the party in the midst of a rescue operation. King Brendan, the usurper, had been holding the twin children of his brother Fergus as hostages against Fergus’s good behavior. Hugh Ironhand was concerned that if he (Hugh) were to escape custody that Brendan might freak out and hurt or kill the twins. So, while the party was busy rescuing the twins, Ava decided that it would be the perfect time to stab the party in the back.

As discussed previously, that didn’t go as well as hoped. Luckily, Ava escaped to cause trouble another day.

That brings us to our last session. The party was heading for the Easter Watchtower where they have orders to report when they ran into trouble in Blackbridge. Trouble in the sewers again. Being the good Alduin Guards that they are, they stop to check things out and discover that someone is digging around in the same excavation in the sewers that they thwarted before. Not only that, but the digging has broken through into a secret chamber housing lab equipment and shelves of books.

After fighting through all of the hired thugs, the party finds Ava playing with some scary equipment in a crypt filled with monsters encased in crystalline coccoons. Fighting ensues and the party, eventually victorious, chooses to take her alive (well, some of them).

This gave me warm fuzzies. Despite what Ava had done, at least some members of the party felt enough attachment to Ava to keep her alive rather than just treat her as another monster.



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  1. Alicia / Feb 20 2011 8:09 pm

    For the record:

    Gideon & Ava

    Gideon was not trying to kill Ava out of spite. He loved Ava (even though it is painfully clear to him that she was using him). I toyed with the idea of making him go evil with her because young love can be a powerful thing (and I have a thing for tragic love affairs 😀 ). Ultimately, he was born and raised to be a hero and he has an innate empathy and goodness about him.

    So, he did not turn to the darkside and tried to convince the party what a threat she was because he knew they were losing her. He has a high insight and was close to Ava. Unfortunately, the party did not exactly trust him and he was forced to take action on his own.

    When I had Gideon take off with the shard, it was because he felt he did not have a choice. He was still trying to protect Ava. When she immediately came after him and then he could see her debating murdering him, he knew that she was too far gone and they weren’t going to get her back.

    So, Gideon reaffirms his devotion to the greater good, remembers his training… and yes would have murdered Ava in that crypt. But, only because he has made peace with losing her and knows she would have only been further corrupted if allowed to live. So, it was a combination of not wanting to see her further corrupted (emotional) and a knowing that she would not ever leave them be until she had what she wanted or was dead (logical).

    And, I feel something similar is true of Ris. Ultimately, the decision is/was Gilbreicht’s who viewed the situation differently. I think it is unfair to imply that Ris and Gideon only saw Ava as a monster to defeat.

  2. J.A. Dettman / Feb 21 2011 1:45 pm

    I wasn’t pointing at anyone specific, Alicia.

    Really, I think I was making more of a point about the standard D&D mindset with that last comment.

  3. Alicia / Feb 21 2011 2:53 pm

    “Fighting ensues and the party, eventually victorious, chooses to take her alive (well, some of them).”

    Err, well I know you weren’t pointing at anyone specific but you know I was going to make Gideon take her life if he got to her first because I (ooc) told the group that was his intention even though he didn’t tell anyone. And Ris argued for killing her. Soooo… you could have only been talking about us.

    I don’t think our group is a typical hack and slash set anyway you look at it, and I am sure that is what you were getting at. But, I wanted to make Gideon’s motives clear.

    I like making complex characters. I enjoy coming up with characters and stories. I wish I could actually write with well constructed language and pacing, but I can’t, so all my weirdo ideas come out in D&D and artwork and such.

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