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August 10, 2011 / jadettman

Duels in Houses of the Blooded: Strike Bids

Here is how duels are supposed to work in Houses of the Blooded:

0> Intentions: inform the table you’re starting a duel.

1> Gather Dice: figure out how many d6s you’ll be using.

2> Strike Bid: sort out who gets to attack first.

3> Intent: describe what you’re going to do to your opponent if you succeed.

4> Risk: determine your wagers then roll the dice.

5> Consequences: sort out who has Priviledge, whether someone gets hurt, and if anything else happens.

Most of my problem with duels is with the strike bid step (also the cost and availability of maneuvers but I’ll get to that later).

What it boils down to is that the players in our last game of Houses didn’t have a lot of dice for dueling. That made duels go on for a ridiculously long time. The strike bid step exacerbated this by forcing players to take dice out of their risk pool every turn making it even less likely that they would injure their opponent or move the duel closer to a conclusion.

So, for the upcoming game, I’m doing away with strike bids. Instead, during the Risk step, each player is going to have one red die mixed in with all their other dice. If they show their red die, they are attacking in that exchange. If they don’t, they are defending.

This means that it is possible that both characters could attack in the same exchange. This would probably not be good for either duelist but that is part of the risk.


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