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November 21, 2011 / jadettman

A Long Time Coming

For far too long, years, I’ve been thinking about this game. It is a roleplaying game that I want to design/write. In it, the player characters die.

To be more specific, something happens to the PCs that will eventually kill them. Not quickly, eventually.

In the first concept of the game, the PCs are living on Earth, circa the present, when aliens invade. Earth is conquered in a matter of days. The aliens completely outclass us physically (they have super-powers) and technologically (they are aliens with interstellar travel capability). The whole planet becomes a prison while the aliens slowly cart people off for some unspecified purpose.

Some time later, a group of scientists develop a process based on stolen and salvaged alien technology. This process, when undergone by human volunteers, kills 90% of people instantly and gives the other 10% super-powers. That surviving 10% will eventually die because the process is imperfect but, before they do, they have the opportunity to fight the alien conquerors in an attempt to throw them off the planet.

That is the meat of the game: fighting the aliens before your super-powers kill you.

– – –

Lately, I’ve been working on this other game. In it the player characters are living a normal life when they brush up against something dark and terrible. Whatever it is, it touches the PC and corrupts them.

In this one, the PCs are changed, or cursed, by the monster in the dark. It corrupts them in such a way that eventually they too will become monsters.

Of course, someone approaches the PCs and explains the situation to them, someone in the same situation. They are enlisted to fight the monsters while they slowly become monsters.

I’m not really clear why I need to make this game but it is a concept that has been with me for a while.


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  1. Xamuel / Dec 4 2011 2:25 am

    The 2nd idea, with corruption, is already used in Thomas Biskup’s roguelike, Ancient Domains of Mystery (see

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