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January 24, 2013 / jadettman

Mage: the Nostalgia

I remember loving Mage: the Ascension when I was in college. I liked Vampire and Werewolf, too. Wraith and Changeling, not so much. Mage, though, I loved.

I think it was the ambiguity and the god-like power. Mages could change reality just by believing something else. And they weren’t monsters, not like the other WW titles.

I also think Mage really primed me for Amber Diceless. Amber has a lot in common with Mage, in my mind. The vast cosmic power and the myriad possibilities, mostly.

At some point, I decided I wanted to run a Technocracy game, though. A game where the players were the frontline agents of the Technocracy whose job is to keep reality from falling apart and to fight monsters with cutting edge ultra-high technology.

I still want to run that game.

Last weekend, I picked up my Technocracy sourcebook from the shelf and started to read through it. There are still a lot of things that I like about the setting and the idea of a playing the Technocracy. There are a lot of things that are discordant to me, though, and I wonder if that is why this game has never happened.

First, technology is not magic and the Technocracy shouldn’t have all of it’s tech based on the Mage magic system. I have a good idea why it was done that way, of course, this is a Mage sourcebook after all. It just doesn’t ring true to me.

I want a recasting of all of the Mage tropes from an ultra-high tech perspective. Don’t tell me about the Technocracy’s Horizon Realms, tell me about their experiments creating pocket dimensions in hyperspace. I don’t want to hear about what level of the Life Sphere is required for cloning. Cloning is ultra-high tech. It has nothing to do with magic. Sure, it may be experimental and it may not fully have the kinks worked out but that hasn’t nothing to do with Paradox.

I think what I really want is going to require some work. And maybe a different system.


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