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April 20, 2015 / jadettman

Amber, session 3

Keyne began this session with a conversation with Brand that tap-danced a bit around the topic of the Redheads’ plan. In the end, Keyne expressed her preference for Tristam to be preserved and Brand agreed to abide by her wishes.

Izaya had dinner with Julian and Gerard, both of who expressed their concerns over various inquiries made by Bleys and Fiona, respectively, regarding the disposition of the defense forces of Amber. There was some talk of Eric’s disappearance and what each had found, but the conversation didn’t go far.

Oku’le found himself in a dank, dive of a bar with Random. Oku’le wanted to go back to Amber but didn’t know how. Random promised to see him safely back the next morning. In the mean time, he dragged Oku’le across a filthy dung-strewn street to his hotel where he proceeded to bribe the hotel manager to evict the people in the room adjoining his for Oku’le’s use.

Izaya visited Llewella in Rebma, bringing wine along with. The talk focused mainly on Eric disappearance.

Oku’le woke the next morning and explored the hotel, learning about room-service and the other modern amenities before Random woke. Then Random talked with Oku’le about how one uses the Pattern and gave him some demonstrations.

Keyne had a brief conversation with her grandmother, Clarissa. Then she returned to Amber where she learned that Oku’le had walked the Pattern and had not returned. Disgruntled, she went into the city for hush-puppies.

Izaya visited his parents, Benedict and Sumire. He discovered that they were packing up their house in the city to retire into Shadow because of Sumire’s declining health.

Oku’le was learning about how to use the Pattern and Trumps from Random when Random started to get a Trump call. When Random answered, he was stabbed in the gut. Oku’le grabbed Random to help and saw a shadowed figure holding Random in the Trump contact while simultaneously hiding its identity, and dripping Random’s blood on an unusual and unfamiliar Pattern. With effort, and because the perpetrator’s attention was split amongst many problems, Oku’le was able to pull Random out of the Trump contact. Oku’le, not knowing what else to do, called Julian who was on hunt in Arden. Julian pulled Oku’le and Random through and then immediately sent them to Flora in the palace. Flora contacted Gerard for help and then picked Random up and sprinted to a sitting room where Random could be treated.

Tristam visited Avalon where he’d grown up with his father, Corwin. There they were preparing for their annual celebration of the overthrow of the Demon King Corwin. Tristam changed persona and went out into the village as Isolde. Isolde discovered that she quite enjoyed the delight and celebration that the locals took in the downfall of Corwin. While she was there, Isolde also looked around for signs of Eric or other recent visitors from Amber but found nothing. She’s taken on the guise of a widow turned bookseller.

In Amber, Keyne and Izaya learned that Random had been stabbed and rushed to the palace. There they were informed that Random had been stabilized, though he’d lost a lot of blood. They both quizzed Oku’le about what had happened. Oku’le and Keyne then went down to the Pattern Room to see if the Pattern had been damaged.

In the mean time, Izaya tried to track down Oberon to make certain he’d heard the news but was unable to find him. Oberon’s secretary informed Izaya that Oberon had disappeared from his study right around the time that Random had been stabbed, or shortly after.

Keyne and Oku’le could find no damage on the Pattern.

In Avalon, Isolde met a mysterious woman who introduced herself as Morgan. Morgan made cryptic noises about the smell of Amber on Isolde. When asked what Amber smelled like, Morgan said either horses or whores. Isolde wasn’t sure which.


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