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May 14, 2015 / jadettman

Amber Session 4

Isolde went looking for the playwright of The Fall of the Demon Prince. Using her cover as a bookseller, she talked the playwright into letting her tag along while he visited with the local nobility. During the course of the day, Isolde determined that Eric was not in the Keep of Avalon.

Izaya, Keyne, and Oku’le spoke briefly before splitting up. Keyne and Oku’le retired to their rooms to rest before Keyne began the task of drawing Oku’le’s Trump. Meanwhile, Izaya contacted Corwin to tell him he was needed in Amber. Corwin said he need time to gather his things so, after a brief wait, Corwin called Izaya back and came through to Amber. Once there, he barged in on Random’s sickroom to interrogate Gerard on Random’s condition. After, Izaya said he wanted to talk to Corwin and they agreed to meet soon.

After her time in the Keep, Isolde and the playwright went to the performance of The Fall of the Demon Prince where she again found Morgan. They went for a walk and had a conversation. Isolde told Morgan that she was looking for a lost Amberite, though whether he had chosen to lose himself or had become lost was left ambiguous. Morgan suggested she might help find Isolde’s missing Amberite if Isolde would agree to a bargain. In exchange for a favor (and not one that Isolde would be unwilling to give), Morgan agreed to seek out Eric. Isolde agreed, then asked if Morgan had the ability to search beyond Avalon and whether she would be able to contact her if she discovered anything. Yes, Morgan said, they are now connected.

Keyne and Oku’le began the process of creating a Trump of Oku’le. (The players were left to talk, so I don’t know what they talked about.)

Izaya had his meeting with Corwin to discuss the situation, focusing largely on Eric’s disappearance. Izaya told Corwin that he didn’t believe that Corwin was responsible for Eric being missing. He also told Corwin about his investigation into their fateful hunting trip together into Arden. Izaya told him about the magical interference at the scene, hiding the truth of the situation. Corwin acknowledged the work that Izaya had done but also made it clear that, since there was no way to prove who was responsible, it didn’t really matter that Izaya believe that an outside force was working to cause chaos in Amber.

There was a time gap while Corwin had numerous meetings with Gerard, Caine, and Julian to make sure that Amber’s defenses were in order.

Keyne worked on Oku’le’s Trump. There were many questions asked and various poses attempted. It took a few days.

Tristam returned to Amber, taking a leisurely ride. Once back, Tristam sought out Keyne, who was just finishing up Oku’le’s Trump. After a brief coke break, the three of them had a conversation that lead to Tristam and Oku’le heading down to the harbor to take a boat ride.

On the way to go sailing, Tristam and Oku’le were intercepted by Izaya who wanted to take Oku’le to Rebma to see if she could help uncover the identity of his royal parent. Oku’le decided he’d rather do that than go for a boat ride for the first time. Izaya Trumped Llewella and the three of them went through to Rebma.

Izaya asked to Llewella to help Oku’le and Llewella agreed to try. After taking some blood, Llewella began the spell work. After a wait, Llewella informed them she couldn’t determine who Oku’le’s parent is but she might have another solution. While Llewella worked, the four of them talked about what had happened when Random was stabbed. Llewella was particularly interested in the special effects of the person who had initiated the Trump attack. Llewella felt that Keyne should be questioned closely since she is the only one known to have Trump abilities. Tristam, Izaya, and Oku’le found this line of reasoning interesting and told Llewella that they would think about it.

At this point, the three PCs decided to split up. Izaya and Oku’le Trumped into Shadow to find a dirigible and Tristam returned to Amber. Tristam then Trumped Corwin and told his father his misgivings about the situation and Keyne’s shifty behavior. Corwin called for the guards and closed the contact.

After that, Tristam Trumped Keyne to tell her what he’d done. It was the awkward beginning to a conversation that was abruptly ended when Keyne cut off the call. She promptly moved herself to another location and then Trumped Tristam back. They then continued their awkward conversation.

Izaya and Oku’le set out to see if they could find the location that Oku’le saw when Random was stabbed.

Keyne Trumped Brand and had another uncomfortable conversation in which Brand offered to bring Keyne fully into the redhead conspiracy if she agreed to kill Random. There was also some talk of Brand having a plan in motion that would result in the destruction of the Amber fleets if Gerard and Caine did not act to prevent it, which would allow Keyne an opening to kill Random. After their conversation, Keyne left to think about what she should do.


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