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May 17, 2015 / jadettman

Amber: The Players

Izaya (Played by Alicia): Son of Benedict and Sumire. Izaya tried to follow in his father’s footsteps but found that he had more interest in magic than in swording or leading armies. Benedict arranged for Izaya to study with Dworkin and Izaya is believed to be the last person to see Dworkin before his disappearance, death or what-have-you.

Keyne (Played by Britt): Daughter of Bleys. Keyne grew up with her grandmother, Clarissa, in her Tower of Seven Gates. She was tutored in various esoteric and occult studies by Clarissa, Fiona, Brand, and Bleys but Trump was where she devoted herself, though Brand was uninterested in working with her because he felt her talent was un-extraordinary. Despite that, she muddled through with help from the rest of her family.

Oku’le (Played by Tyronne): Parent unknown. Oku’le was left on the doorstep of a monastery when he was infant. Shortly afterward, the monks declared Oku’le to be the 37th incarnation of the Gogulach. From that point forward, he was trained in the monastery and eventually grew to become the most powerful and beloved Gogulach the world had ever known. He was known as a wise man and a seer.

Tristam (Played by Matt): Tristam is the daughter of Corwin. Tristam was born in Avalon. Corwin refused to except that his child was a daughter, naming her Tristam and representing her as a boy to his subjects and raising her as his son. Sometime during her teenage years Tristam learned that she could change her gender at will, though it wasn’t a permanent change. Tristam fled with Corwin back to Amber when the bordering countries banded together to remove Corwin from power. At some point, Tristam developed the persona of Isolde to go out in public as a woman.


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