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May 29, 2015 / jadettman

Amber Session 5

Keyne found a shadow of Random and stabbed him in the gut. While he was bleeding, she drew a Trump sketch and then put in his wound. She then transported him to a hospital and had him sewn up and sedated.

Sumire called Izaya on his Trump to talk about her death and funeral. This upset Izaya somewhat, so Izaya went to talk to his mother and father in person. He talked to his mother about why she thought she was going to die but all she said was that they had waited too long to leave Amber. Afterward, Izaya went out to the gardens to speak to his father. Benedict was planting and Izaya insisted on knowing why his mother was not recovering better. Benedict had no satisfactory answers. At that point, Izaya filled Benedict in on the situation in Amber. His father told him that if he would stay with his mother, Benedict would go out looking for Eric again. Izaya said he had some things left to do but that he would keep it in mind.

Oku’le attempted to navigate to the Pattern he had seen when Random was stabbed but had difficulty. Part of this difficulty was his inexperience using the Pattern, so he spent time practicing and learned that the Shadows he was passing through could be spoken to.

After receiving a Trump from Brand letting her know that his distraction was in motion, Keyne trumped to Amber where she switched the fake Random for the real Random. She then slit the throat of her fake Random and Trumped the real Random back to her hospital in shadow.

Tristam had a conversation with his father in which he tried to throw some shade for Keyne but Corwin didn’t seem to be buying. In response, Tristam gave his father some sass and Corwin gave him a stern talking to which emphasized the fact that Corwin was in charge now, the delicate situation in Amber, that Corwin was in charge now, the importance of Tristam as Corwin’s heir, and that Corwin was in charge now. Tristam was also emphatically informed that he was not to leave Amber.

Izaya and Oku’le were reunited in their zeppelin where they discovered that Oku’le’s Pattern-working had brought them back to Amber. When they discover that they were circling Amber, they started to make other plans and then they ran into a storm.

In response to the storm, Izaya had a bad feeling and Trumped Tristam to discover the situation in Amber. At which point Izaya and Oku’le returned to Amber in a rush, by Trumping Flora in the palace. There they discovered Random dead with his throat cut. Izaya then asked everyone to leave so that he could magic the scene to see if he could find out what happened.

Tristam went to find his father who in the tallest tower of the palace. There he found Corwin using the Pattern and previously unsuspected magical abilities to try to turn the tide on the storm assaulting Amber. Tristam informed Corwin that Random was dead but did little else to disturb him.

Florimel and Oku’le went to have a late night snack. When Flora wasn’t looking, Oku’le used the magic compass that Llewella had given him and got an interesting reading. He decided that he might have found out who his mother is. After asking Flora about this, she quickly left him in the kitchens bearing two bottle of wine. Oku’le then called Julian who promised to talk to him soon.

After discovering what happened to Random, Izaya refused to tell Tristam what he had discovered. Izaya then Trumped Keyne and they had a conversation. (off in a corner where I couldn’t hear)

Oku’le found Tristam and told him the possible news of his mother. The talked a little before Tristam was Trumped by Izaya.

Tristan and Izaya then had a long talk about the situation in Amber (again, I wasn’t paying much attention) during which Oku’le wandered a bit and ended up returning to the room with Random’s corpse. At some point, Julian returned to the palace and spoke with Oku’le and asked him to stay with the body until he could send guards to watch the room.

Keyne had a talk with Fiona in which they discussed attempting to contain Brand and his craziness. Fiona was hoping that Keyne could lure Brand to Clarissa’s Tower but Keyne was dubious.

Then we had a restful period of a few days while Tristam helped arrange for Random’s funeral, Keyne babysat the real random, and Izaya and Oku’le spend time with Sumire while Benedict went looking for Eric.


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