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June 27, 2015 / jadettman

Amber: Session 6

(Alicia took notes)

Okule wants to go to Tir Na’nogth.

Tristam spent time researching funeral rites of the Royal Family of Amber. Since the last death of a Royal Family member had been some time ago, Tristam had difficulty turning things up in the archives. It took a fair amount of time.

Keyne and Random were traveling together but they got on each other’s nerves. Random was give Keyne a lot of attitude and they had an argument which ended with Random stomping off into Shadow in a huff.

Izaya trumped Benedict and took Oku’le through to him. There he discovers that Sumire’s condition has continued to worsen. Sumire had a glow that seemed to be coming through her skin and her face had taken on the appearance of porcelain with a crack developing on one cheek. When asked, Oku’le reported that he was able to see the glow but not the crack.

Keyne returned to Clarissa’s Tower to see see what was going on. There she had a conversation with Clarissa about recent events.

Tristam continued delving into the archives and learning about the deaths of various Amberites of times past and the rituals of various religions of Amber’s inhabitants. He and Gerard arranged for a tomb to be built for Random. They also sent out invitations.

In other news, Flora left Amber without telling anyone. Caine was working on rebuilding Amber’s Navy after many ships were destroyed in the big storm. Julian was consolidating his control of Arden.

Sumire’s health worsened. Izaya climbed into bed with his mother to provide comfort. He and Benedict spent the night with her and she passed precisely at midnight. Izaya didn’t take this all that well and spent an uncomfortably long time in his mother’s deathbed. Oku’le tried to pry him out with little success.

Oberon Trumped Keyne to get the skinny on the happenings in Amber and was disappointed to discover that she wasn’t there. When she told him that Corwin had called for her detainment he said that he would deal with the problem. Afterward, Keyne attempted to Trump Izaya but got no answer.

Tristam and Gerard have a meeting with Corwin in which Tristam tries to say as little as possible. The meeting is about the final details of Random’s funeral. Corwin was being his usual charming self. He got a Trump call but refused to take it. The caller was insistent but Corwin still refused. Eventually, an image of Oberon appeared above Corwin’s desk and instructs his son angrily. Tristam did his best not to laugh. After, Corwin clearly had his back up and was going to take it out on Tristam but instead Gerard took Tristam with him, defying Corwin.

Benedict returned to Sumire’s bedroom to pry Izaya loose. Izaya gave his father some lip about Sumire’s death being Benedict’s fault. In response, Benedict cuffed Izaya, knocking him to the ground, and gave him a stern talking to about acting like an adult. They prepare for the funeral.

While Izaya got ready, Oku’le talked to Benedict about why Julian was always busy when he tried to Trump him. They talked about Arden being the main land route into Amber and the endemic manticore problem in the forest.

Benedict, Izaya, and Oku’le attended Sumire’s funeral.

Keyne Trumped Fiona and discovered that she was out working on a blockage in Clarissa’s magical energy flows. That discussed some things. Probably Brand and such.

Oku’le Trumps Julian who brought him through to Arden where they talked.

Izaya, as his mother’s last wish, took Sumire’s body into the wilderness and there he waited. Three days after her death, at the stroke of midnight, Sumire’s body spontaneously caught fire and, from the ashes, a new woman rose. She did not know her name when Izaya asked it of her and told him that she heard music that she needed to follow. When asked if he could go with her, she told Izaya no.

Everyone attended Random’s funeral at the Temple of the Unicorn where Corwin did his thing, Deirdre and Flora didn’t show up, and Gerard gave a touching eulogy. Afterward, the family accompanied the body to the tomb.

Other stuff happens, too. Don’t have notes for it or remember it.  : (


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