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July 10, 2015 / jadettman

Amber: Session 7

Keyne spent a few weeks working on her big art project in Shadow. After which, she decided to go relax in other Shadows.

Izaya spent time researching mythology in his mother’s home Shadow to determine whether precedent exists for the transformation of his mother’s body. There was some mythical stories featuring similar ideas but all of them involved local gods, not mortals. Somewhat disappointed, Izaya returned to Amber.

Oku’le spent time training with Julian’s Rangers in Arden. He learned many new skills: horseback riding, use of hunting birds, camouflage, stealth, use of a longbow and a short bow from horseback, basic tracking, and use of a sword.

Tristam spent a lot of time in the city as Isolde, drinking coffee and enjoying the quiet.

Keyne went on a trip with Brand to the edge of Shadow. There Brand showed her what he thought might be a place outside of what he called Amber’s “Shadow Array.” He also showed her that the place somehow reacted to the minds of those present, if their mental barriers were sufficiently lowered. In that way, he treated Keyne to a psychic light-show of the craziness inside his head. Keyne was a bit freaked.

Izaya visited one of the Dworkin’s old workshops searching for anything that his old teacher may have left behind. When a cursory conventional search turned up nothing, Izaya cast a spell to see if there was anything hidden he hadn’t found. In response to the spell, Izaya heard a clacking sound emanating from Dworkin’s desk. Upon investigation, he discovered a glowing skull that had fallen behind the desk. After cautiously inspecting it without touching it for a time, the skull, apparently, grew impatient and spoke to Izaya, coaxing him into picking it up. When doing so, Izaya noticed a tingling in his fingers and hand but no other side-effects. Izaya and the skull had a brief conversation then Izaya put the skull in a box and took it with him.

Tristam got a call from Corwin asking him to find out what was going on with Deirdre since she wasn’t answering his Trump calls. So, Tristam took a break from his vacation as Isolde and called Deirdre to find out how she was. They made small talk and Deirdre told Tristam that she was just relaxing in Shadow and that Tristam was welcome to join her. Tristam said that he might take her up on the offer but that he had to finish some business in Amber first. At which time, he reported to Corwin that Deirdre was fine.

Oku’le took a break from his Ranger training to test out his Patternwalking ability. He took a horse into Shadow and used the Pattern to find the Shadow where he watched Random get stabbed. Afterword he called Izaya for a quick return to Amber.

Keyne went on a different field trip with Brand. He took her to a superficially normal Shadow that was very far from Amber. It turned out that beyond a certain point Shadow behaved differently than what Keyne was familiar with. After some experimentation, Keyne thought this was pretty great and wandered off a few Shadows toward Amber to make a Trump.

Izaya and Oku’le have a conversation I wasn’t privy to. Then they talk to the glowing skull about what it can do before separating.

Tristam went to visit Deirdre. She was in a military encampment, leading an army against some barbarians or something. Deirdre explained that she was known by the rank of Warlord in this place and that she was fighting some tribes that had a beef with her chosen kingdom. They then fought a battle which Tristam spent conservatively attempting to avoid injury but doing a decent job of holding his own. Afterward they had dinner. Tristam stayed the night and then returned to Amber.

Keyne went and talked to Fiona about Brand. They discussed his history of mental illness and what the red-heads had done in the past to try to help him.

Izaya took his new glowing skull friend on a field trip out in the Shadow. They visited the place where Izaya’s mother transformed and the two of them began tracking the new person she had become. They ended up at the mouth of a cave. Skull cautioned against entering because it sense strange emanations. Izaya camped out and some locals wandered by and told him that it was a demon cave.

Oku’le made his way back to Arden of foot while testing the limits of his shapeshifing. He discovered that everything took a really long time to accomplish. In Arden, he resumed his Ranger training with Julian and discovered some of his physical capabilities.

Tristam had dinner with Gerard who urged him to spend time in Shadow finding himself and get away from Corwin for a little while. Then Gerard told Tristam a sad story about his youth.


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