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July 16, 2015 / jadettman

Amber Session 8

Keyne spent most of the session exploring the Shadows beyond the boundary of the Pattern’s influence. She moved carefully, realizing these Shadows were more dangerous to her than those she is used to. While exploring, she was surprised by an armored individual riding a flying white worm. After several attempts to continue exploring, and more encounters with the armored person who eventually introduced himself(?) as Herne. The flying white worm was not named. After her final conversation with Herne, Keyne returned to Amber and had hush-puppies.

Izaya decided that he would definitely enter the demon cave. Eventually. First, he decided to do some more research. After poking around in some nearby villages, Izaya rode to the seat of the local King. On the way, he saw that the kingdom was in bad straits. Marchport, too, was quite run down. Once there, Izaya recruited a street urchin named Finn to assist him. He learned that long ago the King made a deal with the demon in the demon cave for prosperity for the kingdom in exchange for a yearly virgin. Then, in the more recent past, the one of the king’s sons decided to slay the demon which didn’t go well. Finn arranged for a meeting with the current King who actually explained that he was responsible for the situation. After that, Izaya and Finn went to the demon’s cave and entered. Many mysterious things happened, particularly they encountered three hooded figures that spoke in unison and answered questions for them. In exchange for his answers, Izaya gave the Three Finn as a gift. Izaya then got lost on the obsidian plains until he was lead out by the woman who was reborn from his mother.

Oku’le had been planning to visit Tir Na’Nogth with Izaya but, when the time of the full moon got near, Izaya was not answering his Trump. Oku’le decided to go on his own anyway. He had to do some research beginning with the palace librarian but he eventually learned enough to get him to the stairs to Tir. There he camped while he waited for Tir to appear. When it did, he became hesitant about the situation and called Julian for help. After being reassured by Julian, Oku’le ran up to the stairs to the ghost city. Once there, he climbed to the highest tower he could find. There he discovered that a large part of the city had been destroyed by what looked like the impact of a very large club. Lots of destruction. When he learned that he couldn’t interact with anyone, he moved on the palace where he went to the throne room. In the throne room he discovered an unknown individual on the throne with Julian, Izaya, and Tristam kneeling before them in chains. Keyne was suspiciously unchained standing to one side between the throne and the prisoners. For a moment, it looked like and armored figure was going to execute Julian but it’s hand was stayed at the last moment by the person on the throne. Julian then Trumped Oku’le away from Tir before the sun came up. Oku’le proceeded to tell Julian all about his visions.

Tristam wandered around Amber palace intentionally looking for someone to give him something to do. Eventually, he ran into Oberon, literally. Oberon, after being reminded of who Tristam is, told him to come to his study later. There, Oberon sent Tristam on a mission to discover what was disrupting the shipments of citrus from Amber’s trade Shadows. He gave him the courier ship Black Sparrow and her crew to complete his mission. They traveled to the the trade Shadow and discovered that the locals were burning down their orchards. With his steady companion Arturo, Tristam was able to put a stop to the burning and learned that a red-headed singer had entranced the people and convinced them destroy the orchards. They told Tristam that the singer had introduced herself as Fiona (not that Fiona) and had been coming around for months trying to convince the village elders not to trade with Amber. Recently she’d brought a guy named Lon with her who paid them for their next crop, which is why Amber had been shorted in their most recent shipment.


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