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August 14, 2015 / jadettman

Amber: Session 9

Izaya woke up in Keyne’s tent. He had Trumped her after escaping from the mountain. They went to investigate Izaya’s new Shadow. There they discovered that the demon cave had suffered a cave in. Further investigation in nearby Shadows also turned up the interesting fact that no other orphaned Finn’s existed. Keyne offered to orphan a non-orphaned Finn for Izaya but he declined.

Tristam Trumped back to Amber after determining that the threat to Marchport was over, at least for the moment. He spoke with Oberon about the situation, providing all of the essential details. When Oberon indicated that Amber would cut its losses and get a new Shadow for citrus production, Tristam insisted that the Shadow could be rehabilitated and promising that he would see to it personally.

Izaya and Keyne , finding the situation around the Shadow of the cave odd, decided to visit the mountain Izaya had escaped from. Searching around, they were unable to find the door. Izaya began to construct a spell and Keyne, after telling Namieki to keep watch, began to draw a Trump of the area. Mid-way through spellcasting, Izaya noticed movement  but didn’t want to lose his spell. Rushing to finish it before something unfortunate happened, he failed and Keyne was shot by an arrow. It turned out that there were three strange individuals on a higher outcropping shooting at them. Keyne moved for cover and then Trumped to safety. Izaya engaged the three in combat, and also the wyvern that squeezed itself out of the mountain to assist, ultimately proving victorious and taking one of the three prisoner.

Tristam hired some resourceful individuals to assist him in his work. They then sailed around and discovered that small attacks had been made on trade Shadows over the course of several years. Typically Caine was sent out to deal harshly with these kinds of problems but in a number of those incidents Caine was unable to track down the perpetrators.

Keyne spent some time in Clarissa’s Tower having her arrow wound tended to. After recovering for a little while she went to Amber to spend some time on her estate. She soon discovered that it was boring and returned to the Tower.

Izaya took his prisoner back to the Shadow he inherited from his mother and questioned it. It didn’t provide a lot of information but what it did was odd: it referred to Izaya as a horse-lover and said that its people were from before Amber. Izaya also fed the creature some raw meat and a bowl of milk (which it lapped up like a cat). Izaya then returned it to the mountain and released it.

Tristam got a call from Fiona and promised to come visit Clarissa.

Keyne returned to Amber briefly to talk to Izaya.

Keyne and Isolde had tea and lemon cookies with Fiona and Clarissa. Isolde was very interested in why Clarisssa didn’t eat her favorite cookies. Fiona examined the arrow that Keyne had been shot with and discovered that it lacked any Pattern energy.


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