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About Me

Deconstructing Infinity is what every sentient creature in the universe does every day; we breakdown reality into recognizable, understandable pieces.

Deconstructing Infinity, the website, is what I do everyday (or as close as possible) to help me write, help me formalize my thoughts, and help me break the universe down into recognizable, understandable pieces. Along the way, it gives people that may be interested insight into my thoughts.

You know, I think I wrote the above in an unconscious attempt to mimic the opening “We all use math everyday . . .” blurb from Numb3rs. Not really sure why, I mean I was watching it but I didn’t think is was that interesting a show. Weird.

– – – – –

So, my name is Jason and this is my blog. I live in Beloit, Wisconsin, which is so close to Lake Geneva (the ‘birthplace’ of D&D) that I often wonder why it is so difficult to for me to find gamers in the area. I work at the local bookstore and when I’m not doing that I’m spending time with my wonderful wife, hanging out with friends, reading, surfing the internet, playing games (boardgames, RPGs, card games, I’ll play nearly anything), designing games, and writing.

With a business partner, I used to own a game store in Ithaca, New York (I can’t tell you the store’s name for legal reasons, or I would) and I’m also the owner of Cracked Mirror Publishing, a wee little PDF publishing company through which I publish the occasional game supplement. It is for these reasons that so many of my blog posts are written as if I know something about the inner workings of the gaming industry.

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at:

jadettman [at] gmail [dot] com

If you’re a human, hopefully you know how to turn that into an actual email address. 🙂


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