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murderland, my first complete story-game: murderland

– – –


A roleplaying scenario for use with Fudge dice or 2d6: or

A cluster generation tool for Diaspora:

A list of combat actions for Scion:

Perfect Fantasy, an incomplete d20 fantasy heartbreaker:

Stuff for Houses of the Blooded:

A character sheet that I created for a contest at the Story-Games forum:

A character sheet that I created just because:

Effect-based Amber, a uncompleted alternate rule-framework for Amber roleplaying:

A quick reference sheet for FATE/Spirit of the Century:

Material for our post-apocalyptic Spirit of the Century game. Specifically, my character and a double-sided reference printable on 3×5 index cards:

– – –


An incomplete design for Hyperspace Rails, a homegrown crayon rail game:

– – –


A graphic called the Seven Dimensions of Roleplaying: Seven Dimensions of Roleplaying


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